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The Umbrella Bag is a disposable plastic bag that can be placed over a wet umbrella when COMING IN from the rain.

The Umbrella Bag is available in two convenient sizes:
    - The Regular Umbrella Bag is 36" long and can accomodate large golf umbrellas.
    - The Mini Umbrella Bag is 20" long and is designed for folding umbrellas.

The Econo Umbrella Bag is now available:
    - The Econo Bag measures 27" long to accommodate most umbrellas.
    - Constructed of a lighter weight material than the Original Umbrella Bag.
    - Packaged 1000 bags per case (10 packs of 100 bags).

Ordering Information:

Reorder # Description Price
40 Mini Umbrella Bag, 500/case $69.00 case
50 Umbrella Bag, 500/case $79.00 case
45 Econo Umbrella Bag, 1000/case $47.95 case

Stands and Dispensers:

Black Stand Chrome Stand Brass Stand Econo Stand Wall Mount
Black Stand
Polished Stainless Steel Stand
Brass Stand
Econo Stand
Wall Mount
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